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How to get the perfect red lips! Tips from a pro Makeup Artist

juliehewett Admin

Posted on November 21 2016

A red lip is one of the most classic and visually stunning things you can do to brighten up your face and it’s perfect for the holidays.

“I believe I have the perfect red for everywomen”

says Julie…  ok! But, how do we make it perfect?

We know you have the perfect color, but what’s the secret?

She should know after more than two decades painting the lips of the most famous faces. These faces are some of the most well known beauty icons and they are seen on a screen 200 feet tall. Perfection is a must.
Julie says “Stop sticking to the neutrals and flirting with fuschias. Experiment and play. Have fun! I have a chart to start you off, but try a few shades” And if you’re really stuck, she has two beginner reds: OONA NOIR and GEM NOIR are sheer pops of red color but subtle.

A red lip tip from Julie:

Apply lip liner first.. you can use a NUDE to reshape first…
(For beginners put a hint of lip balm under Noir Matte Red)

Apply lipstick with brush or right out of the tube.  JH Noir Matte red lipsticks are triple pigmented so they give a big payoff of color… Blot.. Then..

Perfect the edges with matching color lip pencil, for example, Coco Noir has a Coco Noir pencil.

Another tip Julie says is to use a concealor pencil like OMIT to clean up and define your Cupid’s bow.

To make lip look fuller add a hint of gloss (Jh like Harlow gloss)  Just put on the center of lower lip.  Skip this step if Holiday Beverage in on the menu as it will make the lips last longer.

Or use a straw like the actresses on set between takes. Voila!


Hope this helps you ladies who are red helpless!!!


julie hewett

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