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How to Use Eyebrow Powder & Wax for the Perfect Eyebrows

juliehewett Admin

Posted on January 29 2016

If you’re not happy with your natural eyebrows and would like to learn how to use eyebrow powder & wax, you’ve come to the perfect place. Almost every woman has suffered through, at least, a period of time when her eyebrows were not the fullest or most appealing that she would like them to be. Maybe at one time or another, in a rush, you went a little too far with the tweezers. Maybe you went too far with the tweezers for far too long, and now, your hair just won’t grow back in certain spots. So goes the tale of the balding brow. Not to fear my dear! We have just the products to fill your eyebrow emptiness. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use eyebrow powder and wax, using Julie Hewett’s eyebrow kit and some of her other products. Julie Hewett has the best eyebrow kit in cosmetics. Here’s how you can get perfect eyebrows.

Step 1: How to use eyebrow powder & wax

First, you will need to take the brush included in your Backstage Brow Kit. Using the end with the spooley brush, tilt the top of your brush at an angle, toward the beginning of your eyebrow, slanting the other end slightly toward your ear, at about a 45 degree angle. For the area before the arch, brush upward and out. For the arch and tail, tilt the bottom of your brush down a bit further, and brush the remaining area slightly downward and out. You are now ready to start filling your brow.

Step 2: Using the eyebrow kit

Dip the angled liner end of the brush, into the brow powder, using it to fill any gaps. Be sure that when filling in, the brush is used to shade in, rather than tilting in a manner that creates harsh lines. Use the heaviest amount of powder on the spaces you wish to fill. Next, take the angle brush and use it to line to bottom of your brow with the wax. At the beginning of your eyebrow, brush the wax upward, filling in empty spots. Continue toward the tail, where you will again, tilt the brush slightly downward to shade the thinner end. Then use the angle brush across your eyebrow, lining and shaping the bottom. Use the spooley brush to lightly soften any harsh edges.

Step 3: Topping it off

Once you have finished the bottom, place the angle brush nearly, but not quite at the start of your brow. Brush the wax across the top edge of your brow to the arch. Again tilting the brush, draw a straight line from the arch to the tail. Make sure that all gaps have been filled. Brush over with the spooley brush once more.

Step 4: Define your eyebrows

For the next step, you’ll be applying our Omit Concealer around your eyebrows to give them more definition.

Now, you’ll apply the concealer with the Perfect Concealer Brush along the bottom of your eyebrow, cleaning up the shape. Blend by brushing downward toward the eye. Do the same, in an upward motion, along the top of your brow and blend.

Step 5: Highlighting your eyebrows

Finish off this perfect look by using the Omit Concealer Pencil on your brow bone, just below the brow, and blend under the eyebrow with your finger tip. Draw a light line just below your brow then softly smudge in a sideways motion.

There you have it ladies! The best way to fill in your eyebrows, if you are looking for bold, defined and beautiful eyebrows is using these Hollywood created and inspired Julie Hewett cosmetics. Shop now to get looks fit for the silver screen. Julie Hewett’s products are gluten free, paraben free, and cruelty free.


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