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What is the Best Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color?

juliehewett Admin

Posted on April 02 2016

Whether you were blessed with brown, blue, green or hazel eyes, we’ve provided you with a few tips to help give them the attention they deserve. Though there are a few options to help bring out your eye color, these are our favorites for each. In this post, we’ll teach you which eyeshadow colors we think are the best to make your eye color pop!

For Brown Eyes

If you’re a brown eyed girl, you’ll look great in purple eyeshadows. Purple is one of brown’s’ contrasting colors on the color wheel, which means it will really bring out your eyes in a mesmerizing way.

Inner and Mid Lid: Steal the show with our Countess Plum Eyeshadow Palette for a dazzling look that will leave them breathless.  

Outer corner: Lightly apply Barolo, a deep wine with a hint of shimmer. 

Crease and above crease: Brush on Mica, a smokey silver shadow. 

Brow Bone: Goldie Shimmy, a luminescent “starlight shine” to highlight your face, eyes and body; unlike any product you’ve seen. A swipe of shimmy will take your look from day to evening in seconds! Goldie is a cream puff beige with gold shine. 


For Green Eyes

Green eyes will look glamorous in shimmering earthy eyeshadows. Here’s a look to help you get green, glowing eyes.

Inner Lid: First, you’ll use Siren, a 24k shimmer gold hue that was created on set, for Hollywood stars and makeup artists! 

Mid Lid: Apply a green shadow next, with Julie Hewett’s Emerald Sky

Outer corner & crease: Next, brush on #4 from the Breathless Palette, a chocolate brown shade,which is the perfect “nude” palette of colors that can be used day or night to create anything from a natural eye to a dramatic smokey eye. 

Above the crease: Here, you’ll want to use a beige eyeshadow like Dolce Sandy Nude Eyeshadow Palette. Keep it classy and light with this fabulous single eyeshadow palette.  

Brow bone: Lastly, apply a tan shadow to your brow bone. Brunette is the perfect finishing touch to creating a look to flaunt those gorgeous green eyes.


For Hazel Eyes

Once again, earth tones are best if you have hazel eyes. These colorful eyes have the ability to stand out with almost any eyeshadow shade that you use. They take in light and illuminate, complimenting the colors you wear and brightening the flecks of color within them. To really shine the spotlight on your dazzling hazel eyes, use cream, copper and brown shadows. All you’ll need for this look is our Breathless Pro Palette.

Inner Lid: You’ll start with #6, placing this cream colored shadow, beginning in the inner corner.

Mid Lid: In the middle you’ll brush on #5, a bronzey color.

Outer Corner: You’ll use the darkest shade, a shimmery brown, such as #4, on the last section of your lid..

Crease: Using #16, blend from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner.

Above Crease: To highlight your brow bone use another cream color, like #15.

For Blue Eyes

For blue eyed beauties, try this look. Capture their hearts with your eyes using copper, navy blue, a charcoal shade and light pink. Dazzle them and take their breath away with cool, bright blue eyes with these Julie Hewett Eyeshadow Palettes.

Inner Lid: Use the copper shadow, #9, from our Breathless Palette. This color is directly across the color wheel from blue, which means it will greatly bring out the blue in your eyes. 

Mid Lid: For this section you can brush on Hitchcock, a navy blue with a hint of shimmer. 

Outer corner: A charcoal shade looks beautiful on blue eyes, so on this section of your lid, use Julie Hewett’s Black Chandelier.

Above the crease: Top it off with a light pink shadow like Camisole

Makeup helps you accentuate every asset you have. Eyeshadow is the best way to bring out your eyes. We hope this post helps you in figuring out how to make your hazel, brown, green, or blue eyes sparkle and shine. Your eyes will look stunning and camera ready for your close up! Shop now to grab the best eyeshadows for your eye color!

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