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Why Organic Gluten Free Makeup is the Best for Your Skin

juliehewett Admin

Posted on March 07 2016

More and more people are realizing that organic gluten free makeup is the best for your skin. Recent research is helping people make the decision to live a gluten free life. There are thousands of options for gluten free products though many people feel that their options are limited. Julie Hewett Beauty of LA is here to provide you with alternatives to some of the cosmetics available that aren’t good for your health. We would also like to help you understand what gluten is, how it affects you, and share with you some gluten free products you’ll love!

"Gluten is just a small protein found in cereal grains like wheat, barley and rye… Gluten belongs to a group of proteins called prolamins, and it consists of the two proteins gliadin and glutenin. Some people develop a gluten sensitivity or intolerance that can develop into celiac disease, which occurs when the consumption of gluten triggers an immune response in the intestines that damages the lining of the small intestine and inhibits the absorption of nutrients. Gluten intolerance can lead to other health conditions such as arthritis, depression, seizures and skin rashes. The only treatment is to limit or avoid the consumption of gluten, making gluten-free diets a must for some people.”

Stephanie Chandler, SF Gate

Celiac disease, which can be caused by gluten intolerance, has many symptoms according to the Celiac Disease Foundation, such as abdominal bloating and pain, vomiting, fatigue, irritability and behavioral issues, and even ADHD, among many other symptoms.

Though it is getting easier to hunt out gluten-free foods, the search for gluten free makeup is a bit more difficult. Though they are available, few beauty companies keep in mind the risks of using gluten in their products. Afton Jones, of Gluten Free Makeup Gal, told US News that gluten in products she used caused her eyes to be heavy and swollen & rashes on her skin. On her website she stated,

"Wheat-based components are very common in makeup, but are not always easy to spot in the lengthy lists of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of makeup boxes.”

There are many other people who also have trouble finding makeup that doesn’t contain gluten. Lucky for them, we have cosmetics that are gluten free. These are some of our favorites

Add lovely color to your cheeks or lips. Keep it more sheer for a subtle look or use layers to create a more bold color, using this gluten-free Cheekie Shine.

Our Ora Mineral Foundation is one of the secrets of those beautiful women on the silver screen and magazine covers…when you think they aren’t wearing makeup! Ora mineral mix is a skin-healthy formula created from natural pigments including, micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide & iron oxide freeze-dried vitamins A, E, and D, and plant extracts such as lavender, ylang-ylang, rosemary, cedar wood, sage, green tea, sandalwood, and palmarosa. This wonder-powder also contains natural sun protection. It’s talc free, vegan, and gluten free!

All of our lipsticks are gluten free! We have a color for your every mood to cover every occasion. Shown here is Belle Noir of our Noir Collection. The Noir Collection features our best red lipsticks. Triple-pigmented matte formula means long-lasting and gentle on your lips thanks to healing camellia oil. Pair with matching liner. Belle Noir is a bright, coral, 50s red.

If you’re looking for gluten free beauty, look no further! Julie Hewett Beauty of LA has the perfect fit. Shop now!

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