Ways to Use Our Pro Eyeshadow & Blush Palette "BREATHLESS"

Our Breathless Pro Palette has 20 Luxurious eye shadows and powder blushes. It’s the perfect “nude” palette of colors that can be used day or night to create anywhere from a natural eye to a dramatic smokey eye. This palette features Julie’s top favorite and most used colors on set.

The Breathless Pro Palette contains eye shadows and cheek colors perfect for creating soft daytime looks or a dramatic red carpet appearance. These eyeshadows and blushes are highly pigmented hues, formulated without parabens or talc. The bottom of the palette slides outward to reveal four beautiful blush colors and the top side opens upward to reveal 16 eye shadow colors and a mirror for easy application.

Get the most popular looks to steal the show when you buy this set of 20 shadows and blushes. In this post we’ll teach you 12 ways that you can use this brilliant palette and the ravishing shades it holds within. Though Breathless has a wide variety of uses, these are some of our favorites.

Highlight & define your brows

First and foremost, before you begin eyeshadow, you should already have your brows done. Once you have filled them in, use 20 to outline them & clean them up. No matter what look you’re going for using eyeshadow, top it off by highlighting your brow bone using 15. This helps to define and lift your brows.

Everyday eyeshadow

For an everyday look brush #11 over the entire eyelid. This is a quick and effortless way to look great when you’re in a rush to get your day started, but still want to look fabulous.

Smokey eyeshadow

When you want a more daring and bold look, go for smokey eyeshadow. Start with 13 on the inner to mid lid. Next, brush 7 onto your crease and outer crease. Using 2 on the crease, blend well into 13. Lightly line your outer lower lid as well. Take 6 and apply above the crease. Top off this seductive smokey eyeshadow by placing 10 above the crease to your brow bone.

Nude eyeshadow

There are some occasions, such as an interview, where a more easy natural look is more appropriate. In this case, line the outer lower lid with 5, up and to your outer crease, even with the tip of your brow. In the crease, from above your inner lid, draw another line that meets the one you just finished, creating a point for an almond shape. Fill in your crease with 8. On your mid lid, apply 9, blending into 8. Then, use 12 on your inner lid. Brush 6 above the crease to your brow bone to finish this gorgeous natural look.

For the Blushing Bride

For those of you who are doing bridal makeup, you want her to look absolutely radiant. All eyes will be on her and her eyes should be dazzling. Use 13 on the inner lid. 19 will go next, on the mid lid. Brush 5 onto the crease, and lightly above the crease and the outer crease. Lightly brush some under your lower outer lash line. You’ll use 2 very sparingly on the outer corner of your eye. Apply 12 to the crease, avoiding the lid. Finish by brushing 6 above the crease.

Hit the town

For a night on the town, you’ll want a look that flatters & draws attention to your eyes. On your inner lid use 6. Follow by brushing 4 onto the midsection of your lid. Apply 1 to the crease and outer crease. Last, 13 will go above your crease.

Hide imperfections

If you have a blemish or any kind of imperfection you want to hide, you can use 20 to conceal it. Apply using your finger and be sure that you blend well.


For light contouring use 19 on your lower cheeks, chin, above the temples, sides and tip of your nose. Use 20 for strobing on your forehead, below your eyes, on your nose, and just above the angels bow of your lips. Apply 17 to your cheek bones and blend into a smooth and flawless look.

Brighten your face

For a bright and cheery face, use a blush brush to add a rosy color to your cheek bones, using 17. This blush is great for adding just a touch of color to your face with light make up, or for a beautiful blushing bride.

Be beautifully bronzed

When you need to add a shade of warmth to your skin, use 18 to give you a beautiful glow. When you’re heading to the beach and want to wear minimal makeup, this bronzer is just what you need. You can even use it to hide unflattering imperfections. For example, if you aren’t comfortable with the back of your thighs in shorts or a dress, brush on some bronzer. The shimmer and darker shade hides dimples and cellulite, giving your skin a smoother appearance, so you’ll feel more confident in the hot summer sun.

Revive your eyes

If your eyes look tired and need a pick me up, use 20 to bring them back to life. Apply on your mid lid, the inner corner of your eye and on the brow bone and blend. Use any of the colors wet as an eyeliner.

"Also plum eyeshadow is great for green eyes!
I use brown, charcoal or navy for blue.
Brown eyes are universal”
Julie Hewett

Shave off a few years

Over time, you develop laugh lines above your mouth that can age your appearance. To hide these fine lines apply 20 to them using your finger tip or a brush. Blend upwards and out. 
There are countless possibilities with this Julie Hewett Breathless Pro Palette. With 20 different shades of eyeshadows and blushes, you can achieve looks perfect for every occasion. These are just some of the uses of this amazing palette. Makeup artists and the average makeup lover will find this palette to be one of their essentials, as it has almost everything you need in one place. You’ll love it just as much as we do! With so many options, there’s no limit to the beauty you can bring to this world. The opportunities are endless and the results will leave you Breathless. Shop now for the Breathless Pro Palette!