Laura Dern of ‘Big Little Lies’ Shares Her Beauty Truths (Including Camellia Oil!!) in NY Times

“At night, I might use this really beautiful camellia oil by Julie Hewett, the makeup artist.”

Laura Dern, of “Big Little Lies,” currently airing on HBO, and geared up to appear in “Twin Peaks” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII—The Last Jedi,” sits down with the New York Times and shares her beauty truths. Dern has had access to the best-of-the-best in beauty tips, secrets, insights and treatments from around the world while she has had her career as an A-list actress for the past 40 years! It is no surprise that Camellia Oil is one of her secret weapons in her beauty arsenal! Let us explain the magnificence of this beauty secret of the Geishas—Camellia Oil.

In the NY Times interview, Dern says that Julie Hewett’s best-seller, the Organic Camellia Oil is one of her favorites in her nightly skincare routine, alongside Crème de la Mer and iS Clinical. “At night, I might use this really beautiful camellia oil by Julie Hewett, the makeup artist.” Judging by Dern’s beautiful skin, she’s probably reaped the many health benefits of the sacred Camellia plant from Asia, and yes, ours is sourced straight from this organic origin. A few of the long list of benefits of this “nutritional powerhouse” include anti-aging benefits, anti-inflammation properties, and skin healing benefits. Due to its high antioxidant content of polyphenols and Oleic Acid (almost 82% of its fatty acid composition!) it helps slow DNA damage of the skin and protects from aging free-radicals.

Camellia Oil can be worn any time and is multi-purpose. The beauty of the oil is that it’s also an emulsifier, which means it can easily be mixed and added to other creams, oils or sunblock and deliver an added punch of antioxidants and nutrients. Camellia Oil can also be applied to the hair, a few drops applied through the ends to add shine and hydration, or a few dabs to fly aways to slick your hair back. The oil can also be lightly dabbed to the under-eye area for an intensive hydration treatment and can supplement any other eye treatment or is outstanding and healing on its own. Some beauty enthusiasts like to cleanse with camellia oil, remove make-up, apply the oil to stretch marks or wounds.

Let’s get a little science-y…The molecule size of Camellia oil is small enough to penetrate the skin’s Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) in the Stratum Corneum Layer. This means that not only does Camellia Oil contain all these awesome long-lasting benefits for the skin, but its molecule is small enough to penetrate the pores and deliver them to the deeper layers! Furthermore, the Camellia Oil molecule is stable, which means that its beneficial, precious qualities will not break down to heat. (Thank goodness Camellia Oil properties stay intact during our long steamy spa sessions in the bathroom and hot Summer-time rays!)

Thank you, New York Times and Laura Dern for giving a shout out to our beloved Organic Camellia Oil! Its reputation as a long-time JH best-seller is worth the mention! OXO <3