Cheekie Pots!! Get an Instant Face Lift with a Creamy Hue in a Pot!

Our girl Gabrielle Union mentions Julie Hewett once again! Love ya girl. So, what’s Gabrielle Union’s camp talking about now? Julie Hewett’s beloved Cheekie Pot in the shade “Destiny!” featured in InStyle’s March 2017 issue, make-up artist Malika James mentions that she has “found Union’s perfect neutral by matching the tawny-rose hue of the inside of her lip” with shade Destiny.

These multi-use Cheekie Pots by Julie Hewett are little pots full of creamy pigment, infused with skin enhancing Camellia Oil. The rich pigment can be swiped on your lips, cheeks, and/or lids. Julie Hewett’s personal favorite for the “Destiny” hue is applying it above the cheekbones in an “apostrophe” shape for a slimming and “face lift” effect!                                                                                                                                                         Other shades to explore in the Cheekie Pots are Peachie, Jami, Posie and Rosie. Kristen Stewart is another celeb pictured wearing a Cheekie Pot, in shade “Peachie,” this time on her lips. “Peachie” is a peachy coral color and amazing for Spring and Summer time. It adds a punch of fresh and fun pigment to your face. Julie calls it “her secret weapon” because every time she applies this to her clients they appear fresh and dewy. Julie created “Peachie” when she was on a movie set and needed to make one of her clients appear younger.

“Posie” is a truly light and feminine shade in light pink. It reminds me of the color of ballerina shoes. “Posie” is a great burst of peony pink and is used to polish your cheek. “Posie” can be applied above the cheek bone all the way to the hairline in an apostrophe shape.       


Thandie Newton from Westworld star mentioned that she wears “Rosie” on the apples of her cheeks. “Rosie” is a vibrant raspberry hue that looks gorgeous on all skin tones. It’s a guaranteed “freshen-up-your-look” shade. It’s great on bare skin, and when you go to the gym you can apply some to your cheeks and lips for a lift. Jami is a shy, tender, pink for those days you want to wear dramatic eyes or lips.

You may simply use your (clean!) dainty fingers to apply this rich pigment straight out of your Cheekie Pot. Or, if you want to get fancy, you can dip Julie Hewett’s Perfect Chubby Cheekie Brush into the pot and apply to your cheeks. Alternatively, for lips, you can use a lip brush to dab onto your lips, and a compact natural or synthetic bristle eye shadow brush for a smooth finish.

So, what do you have to lose? Try celebrity favorite Cheekie Pot in a hue that match you! OXO