What Is Cruelty Free Makeup?

In 1933, one woman died and at least 17 others went blind due to the use of a mascara called Lash Lure. This caused the US to enforce a law that all cosmetics had to be determined as safe for human use before they could be sold. As a result, the testing of animals became common. This is because they are considered similar enough to humans to be used as a model for testing, according to some people. If humans were made ill or died due to the use of unsafe products, why would enduring the use of such products be any less harmful or painful to an animal?

This is why it is important to pledge to protect these animals from such atrocities.

"Manufacturers test for both the immediate risk of exposure (through normal use, accidental contact with the eyes or skin, and accidental ingestion) and more long-term risks (such as the potential to cause cancer or birth defects).  The animals most commonly used to test product safety are mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. They are exposed to test substances by application to the eyes or patches of bare skin, by injection, by inhalation, or by feeding. The information obtained from these tests is then used to substantiate a company’s claim that a product is safe for human use.” –MSPCA

More and more, Companies with good morals and ethics are committing to reducing or completely eliminating the testing of their products on animals. It is the humane and right thing to do. However, there are still some companies who deceive consumers into believing they are cruelty-free when they, in fact, are not. There are now modern alternative methods of testing cosmetics to ensure they are safe for human use. Consumers have become more aware of the actions of these companies who employ humane practices and have begun to take action toward changing this. They are doing so by shopping only cruelty-free products and by boycotting companies who do animal testing. For this reason, companies are choosing not to test on animals in order to determine their safety for humans. The humane society shares with us some insight into some of these alternative options for companies.


"Companies can ensure the safety of their products by choosing to create them using the thousands of ingredients that have a long history of safe use. There are already many products on the market that are made using such ingredients. Companies also have the option of using existing non-animal tests or investing in and developing alternative non-animal tests for new ingredients. There are a growing number of non-animal tests that can be used to assess the short-term safety of previously untested ingredients”   –- The Humane Society

At Julie Hewett, we believe that animals have rights just as we do and that they deserve to be protected. It is one of our top priorities to avoid the use of ingredients or products that have been tested on animals. As advocates for the humane treatment of animals, we guarantee to our customers that none of our cosmetics were deemed safe for human use through the use of laboratory animal testing. We care about both our customers and all of our co-inhabitants of this beautiful planet. We aid in the reduction of animals who have unjustly been subject to lab testing and we openly condemn the use of such techniques. Shop Julie Hewett now for cruelty-free cosmetics from Julie Hewett Beauty of LA.