What is Camellia Oil?

Camellia oil is about the closest one can get to a miracle potion for skin, nails & hair. This 100% organic magic is extracted from the seeds of the camellia flower, known as the Tsubaki flower in Japanese, and blooms in the winter. It has been known for centuries as the secret of the geishas who used the oil to remove their makeup and nourish their skin. It has antioxidants that aid skin against the effects aging, and oleic acid, Omega 9, which seal in moisture and give you smooth and supple skin. Vitamins A, B and E are all present in camellia oil as well.


The Japanese were known for their beautiful long and lustrous hair and hair styles, which they styled using camellia oil. Both men and women used it in their hair to get slick and gorgeous looks. Condition your hair with this oil to soften and add shine. It untangles hair and makes it more manageable, as well as repairs breakage and split ends. Use Camellia Oil to prevent dandruff, relieve and treat an itchy, dry scalp. Bring the natural sheen back to your hair and repair damage done by perms and color. Camellia Oil with help your hair to retain moisture and protect it from environmental pollutants.


Because it is an emollient, you can use it on extra dry, flaky, and rough areas to moisturize and rejuvenate. It’s great for injuries and scars as it is a natural pain reliever, has a mild astringent effect, and is anti-inflammatory. You can increase the SPF of your sunscreen by 5 points by adding a bit of Camellia Oil. As an anti-aging cosmetic, it protects against the increase of pigmentation and age spots. You can apply it to skin to reduce wrinkles and soften fine lines. Men should apply regularly to condition skin, prevent shaving burns and use to soothe your skin after shaving.


Make your nails more manageable by dipping them in warm camellia oil to soften them. This makes your nails and cuticles less brittle and rough. With regular use, your nails will stay nourished, smooth and shiny. Repair, strengthen and protect your nails and cuticles. Rub into your nails and cuticles daily for healthy, beautiful nails.

Our Products


100% Organic Camellia Oil is available in a one or two ounce bottle. You can also get three one ounce bottles! How to use:

  • As a daily moisturizer apply 2-3 drops into your hands and press into cleansed face, neck, and body for radiant, glowing skin.
  • Blend a couple of drops into your existing moisturizer for extra moisture.
  • Use as an evening treatment before bed to revitalize skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Can be applied to soften cuticles and perfect your manicure
  • Use as an eye treatment under eyes
  • Use on hair to smooth and treat damaged hair
  • Put a few drops into the bath to add some extra moisturizing power to your daily routine

Camellia Balm Sticks This delicate blend of Camellia, Rose and Orange essential oils, is ultra-moisturizing and heals, not masks, chapped lips and skin. This magic balm has limitless benefits. It gives lips and skin a radiant glow, promotes healing of imperfections, contains natural UVA protection and is rich in anti-oxidants. Amazing on top of our lip liners or wear alone for a hint of sheen! It’s also available in our Ruby Camellia Balm Stick.

Cheekie: Cheek & Lip Shine:
Julie’s secret weapon on set! Cheekie Cheek & Lip Shine is a sheer, vibrant, cream blush formulated with Julie’s signature ingredient, Camellia Oil and is available in a variety of shades. This multi-tasking cheek & lip shine brightens up your look in seconds and gives an instant healthy glow. Applies and blends like a dream. Freshen up your look in seconds, multi-tasking Cheekie can be applied to your cheeks and lips too. It gives an instant fresh “face lift.” It’s formulated with Camellia Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Mango Seed Butter and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate skin while adding a pop of color. Paraben-free, talc free formula, Cheekie was created on set by A-list celebrity makeup artist Julie Hewett.


Julie created the Icon Collection lipsticks as a series of shades honoring screen icons of beauty. This long-lasting lipstick features a triple-pigmented formula and lasts for hours but will not dry your lips out, thanks to healing camellia oil and essence of rosebud. The Bijou Collection stars our luscious lipsticks, featuring the essence of orange blossom and healing camellia oil. Our luxurious hi-shine lip glosses can be worn alone or layered with your favorite lipsticks. This outstanding formula contains essence of ginger and healing camellia oil.

Get our Natural Beauty Kit for Face Cheeks and Lips Hydrate your skin with Julie’s Secret Ingredient: Camellia Oil in 3 forms… Its purest form Organic Camellia Oil, Jami Cheekie to give your cheeks that natural flush, and our Camellia Ruby Balm, back by popular demand but this time in our infamous gold tube.

Try our Julie Hewett Discovery Kit with Cheekie, Camellia Balm and Biba Lipstick. Biba is a sheer lipstick, formulated with essence of orange blossom and Camellia Oil for moisture. Biba is a perfect peach nude shade.

Camellia oil is great for your skin, hair and nails. It moisturizes, softens wrinkles, improves complexion, heals scars, and protects your skin from harsh external elements such as UV rays. Camellia Oil is a natural anti-oxidant containing vitamins, A,B,C,E, K & P with minerals, P, Za, Ca, Fe, Mn, and Mg. It also helps prevent sunburn, freckles, age spots and wrinkles as it contains natural sun protection. It is an all-year beauty must have! Shop now to get yours today. Don’t go another day without this amazing beauty elixir.